November 13, 2017

Below is the list of bowlers I currently have signed up to bowl the Iowa Open on Sunday, November 19th at May City Bowl in Cedar Rapids, IA.  The start time is 9:00 AM for this tournament.  If your name is on this list and you are not bowling, please contact Joe right away since we are full with a waiting list.  Contact info is cell phone 319-269-6909 or email

Aimers Rob Fuller Troy Payton Brianna
Aries Andy Geurick Tyler Poli Jason
Aumann Harley Glosser Cody Porter Austin
Banker Richard Goodman Isaac Powell Josh
Barnwell Tommy Gosse Jared Prescott Jarad
Bedard Jacob Healy Dan Reidel Rylie
Blessing Light Trevor Helmers Jerad Riley Shawn
Bober Paul Hess Tom Rook Jason
Bohlen Quinton Hochrein Bob Schalow Jonathan
Boho Brent Jensen Glenn Schlueter Matt
Brandau Cody Jensen Jay Schoettmer Jordan
Breeden D.J. Johnson Derek Seaba JJ
Breitbach Phill Kacena Mickey Sobolik Melissa
Bruce Quincy Kilts Duane Spaur J.D.
Calkins III Kenny Krol Kyle Stenger Mark
Carpenter Scott Lakota Ryan Stone Andy
Ciaffa Robert Lineberry Marc Strait Brandon
Clark Kyle Mackey Conan Taylor Steve
Dean Brett McCann Jeff Taylor Jr. Roger
Duffield Ken McWethy Mike Thompson Bryan
Ely Jordan Merritt Scott Wiegand Ray
Engelkes Joe Mesecher Jon Wiley Jamie
Fagen Cameron Mitts Marcus Wiley Christopher
Fane Josh Morse Adam Woelfel Zach
Fisher Luke Olson Greg Yaw Mike

October 12, 2017

Please note - there is a change in the starting times that were originally posted on the schedule page for the 50/50 4 Person Team tournament and the 50/50 Doubles.  The team event on Saturday starts at 12:00 noon, and the Doubles event starts at 9:00 AM.

October 2, 2017

Good Morning,

Congratulations go out to Kenny Calkins III on his impressive win yesterday at Bowlerama in Des Moines!!  Thanks to all 81 bowlers who showed up to bowl on what proved to be a difficult pattern.  Bowlerama chose to use Kegel's Chichen Itza 40' pattern with a slight modification which added one 2-2 load to the pattern.  It took a score of 1617 to cash for the 8 games of qualifying, and a score of 1755 to make the top 5 stepladder finals.  As I observed the bowling throughout the day, it was apparent that some pairs transitioned much better than others and the scoring showed that.  The finals was a perfect example as the first match on 9 & 10 had Jacob Bedard topping Nick Pate, 181-155 where neither bowler could get lined up.  Bedard moved on to face Jason Poli and they both had very good looks on 7 & 8.  Bedard left a solid 9 pin late in the match which allowed Poli to step up in the 10th frame with a chance to close out the win if he struck out, however, a solid 9 pin of his own on the 2nd shot in his 10th frame allowed Bedard to step up with a chance to win if he struck on the first two shots of the 10th frame.  Bedard crushed the first shot, but his 2nd shot read a bit early and ended up going high to leave a 4-7 so Poli moved on with a 238-234 victory.  Poli moved on to meet his good friend Andy Shutt on 5 & 6 in the semifinal match.  No hard feelings among friends when Shutt road an early break with a brooklyn strike in the middle of a string to easily top Poli 248-214.  This set up the final match between Calkins and Shutt who are also very good friends.  The match on 3 & 4 was never really in doubt as Calkins got lined up early and struck at will other than an early mistake which left a split in the 4th frame.  The match was over before the 10th frame and in spite of an open in the 10th, Calkins won 231-181.  For the win, Calkins picked up the $500.00 1st prize plus $310.00 in the Bet You Win pot.  Calkins also won the tier two side pot that is based on the 8 game qualifying total along with the Bet You Win pot for tier two.  That optional pot paid $250.00 to win and $180.00 for that Bet You Win pot.  A nice total payout for Calkins of $1240.00 on his total entry fee of $107.00.  Other bowlers who made the top 10 were Tom Hess in 6th, Ray Wiegand 7th, D.J. Breeden 8th, Roger Taylor Jr. 9th, and Rod Albright 10th.
Thanks to some fine work by Mike Yaw and Bowlerama Lanes, we had a total of $1100.00 in added prize money.  The GIBA added in money from the bracket proceeds which allowed us to pay out a total of $4610.00 in the major prize fund.  Entry fees of $57.00 times the 81 entries came to a total of $4617.00 and we paid out $1296.00 to Bowlerama for lineage.  It was a long day with 6 bowlers on most pairs, but things ran smoothly all day.
Our next event is the annual Big Gun tournament at Totem Bowl in Marshalltown on October 28th.  Please note, the tournament will start at 2:00 PM!!  We will only have 20 lanes available so the tournament will be limited to the first 60 entries.  I already have 24 bowlers on the list so let me know right away if you plan to bowl.  Totem Bowl is currently undergoing some major remodeling and has removed 4 lanes as part of that project.
One other item of note, The Iowa Open coming up at May City Bowl in Cedar Rapids on November 19th will be one of only 8 U.S. Open qualifying events.  The winner will receive a paid entry into the 2018 U.S. Open.  I am working on the flyer for that event and should have all of the details available shortly.
Thanks to all for your support of the GIBA!!

September 13, 2017

The table below contains the squad listings for the Fusion Realtors/Community 1st National Bank Open.  Please double check to make sure you are on a squad that works for you.  Also, contact me right away if you are on the list and cannot bowl.

A Squad - 9:00 AM B Squad - 1:45 PM C Squad - 6:30 PM
Aries Andy Aimers Rob Anderson Kyle
Bohlen Quinton Axon Dave Aude Austin
Breeden DJ Babcock Jordan Bartlett Gabe
Breitbach Phill Barnwell Tom Bartlett Dave
Brice Mike Becher Jason Blessing Light Trevor
Calkins III Kenny Bedard Jake Bober Paul
Christie Brad Beres Dave Bock Dan
Clark Kyle Beschorner Zach Boho Brent
Coble Braxton Bruce Quincy Boresch Jacob
Cruse Jr Russ Chapman AJ Boyer CJ
DelFiacco Pat Ciaffa Robert Brandau Cody
Dentlinger Dave Crouse Bradley Buelow Andy
Duffield Ken Dreckman Chad Chavez Jordan
Ely Jordan Driskill Ryan Clark Jamie
Ethen Marcus Duskin Jr Dan Clark Sr Gary
Fagen Cameron Eagen Conner Coolidge Keith
Fisher Luke Gering Joe Denton Alex
Fuller Troy Hankemeyer Jim Dodge Anthony
Galbraith Darin Hanrahan Packy Dragotta Bryan
Goodman Isaac Hardin Ben Fujita Ronnie
Hanson Jason Healy Dan Gort Nick
Helmers Jerad Heilman Nick Gruendler Tim
Hergenrader Doug Horton Kevin Hahlen Bryan
Hess Tom Hupe Mitch Haugh Brennen
Hoff Stian Johnson Aaron Hibbard Billy
Howard Ryan Keeler Steve Keith Adam
Keimig Bret Lineberry Marc Keith Craig
Kilts Duane Lovejoy Kodie Klein Jacob
Mackey Conan Maas Chad Krol Kyle
Majka Curt Manna Tony Kruml Nick
Mesecher Jason McCann Jeff Labrador Jonathan
Miller Brad McWethy Mike Lakota Ryan
Paine Matt Murphy Casey Langer Logan
Pate Nick Olson Greg Leeman Alex
Perdieu Lucas Parks EJ Leyen Tristan
Petrey Justin Pate Josh Martin Alex
Peverill Kevin Petersen Nicole Mesecher Jon
Pierson Chris Poli Jason Morse Adam
Riley Shawn Pospisal Andrew Nelson Chad
Schoettmer Jordan Prather Kris Pashina David
Sobolik Melissa Price Jason Pashina Kayla
Strait Brandon Reidel Rylie Powell Josh
Tornow Tyler Roth Bryan Robarge Jayson
Turner Aaron Rusch Pete Schalow Jonathan
Van Duyn Amanda Schaefer Troy Schmidt Tim
Walker Nick Schewe Geoff Simpson Amber
    Shutt Andy Sramek Brenden
    Sikora Jerry Stearns Brady
    Smith Jeremy Taylor Jr Roger
    Stenger Mark Terhune Todd
    Stone Andy Trueg Ben
    Stuart Paul Vickery Scott
    Taylor Steve Vinton Colter
    Tomsu Matt Watts Jay
    Warren Rob Weber Scott
    Woelfel Zach Wilson Ryan
    Woodford Dan Zagar Ryan
    Yaw Mike Zagar Kyle
    Zarnstorff Richie    



August 1, 2017

Here are the squad listings for the upcoming Open. Please let me know if your squad assignment will not work and I will try my best to make changes. We are currently full and I have started a waiting list so let me know right away if you are on this list and can't bowl!!

A Squad - 9:00 AM B Squad - 1:00 PM C Squad - 5:00 PM
Aumann Harley Adcock Tom Anderson Kyle
Behrendt Tim Aimers Rob Biondo Brandon
Beres Dave Anderson Travis Biondo Vince
Bittenbender Shea Atkinson Tyler Blessing Light Trevor
Bober Paul Bach Curt Bohlen Quinton
Breeden Don Bannach Bryan Boogren Mike
Breitbach Phill Becher Jason Brandau Cody
Brinkman Steve Bidwell Devin Cruse Jr Russ
Calkins III Kenny Boresch Jacob Eldridge Blake
Chapman AJ Boyer C.J. Frank Ethan
Charles Chris Clark Jamie Gonner Andrew
Dole Mike Clark Kyle Haakonson Jeremy
Duffield Ken Clark Sr Gary Hayslett Charles
Ely Jordan Combs Kenny Kampa Karl
Fritton Eric Cortez Jr Victor Krol Kyle
Galbraith Darin Devita Tony Kruml Nick
Gifford Dan Fisher Luke Lakota Ryan
Healy Dan Flanigan Eddie Lemiesz Dan
Heilman Nick Fuller Troy Manna Tony
Hergenrader Doug Gmach Kevin Marazzo Dan
Hess Tom Gonzalez Rocky Marrs Jerry
Hill Chris Gosse Jared Martin Brandon
Hochrein Bob Gosse Jacob Mesecher Jon
Hoffman Chris Green Jacob Miller Tony
Kilts Duane Heesaker Matt Nelson Jack
Kloss Chad Hein Derek Nelson Chad
Lavy Scott Hein Darin Neumann Brent
Maas Chad Hupe Mitch Paine Matt
Marsh Gene Johnson Jake Peeler Tanner
Michalowski Nathan Johnson Josh Peterson Edward
Mills Andy Johnson Adam Pizl Greg
Mohr Clayton Keith Ryan Porter Mark
Morse Adam Keith Craig Powell Josh
Mysliwiec Matt Kohl Tyler Richtsmeier Lane
Olson Greg Kyun Ki Ho Roth Bryan
Parks EJ Martin Jamie Schilke David
Pate Nick Mendoza Alan Sherman Kyle
Riley Shawn Merritt Scott Shutt Andy
Pierson Alyssa McWethy Mike Smith Jeremiah
Plouff Nick Polzin Ben Smith Riley
Prescott Jarad Powers Ryan Sramek Brenden
Ramsden Aaron Rangel Sean Stearns Brady
Richgels Jeff Peters Mike Sullinger Scott
Ryan Kenny Schalow Jonathan Thompson Bryan
Schroeder Jim Schoettmer Jordan Timmerman Shawn
Sobolik Melissa Seaba JJ Tomsu Matt
Taylor Jr. Roger Staub Andy Vinton Colter
Tornow Tyler Stenger Mark Watts Jay
Vostry Dakota Stone Andy Weber Scott
Wallencamp Jr. Ron Stuart Paul Weberg Nate
Warren Rob Taylor Steve Williams Brenden
Wright Russ Tegtmeier Seth Yaw Mike


June 23, 2017

Good Morning!!

I have been able to verify dates & locations for our 2017-18 GIBA schedule.  The schedule page has been updated here.  We are extremely fortunate to once again have Ebonite on board as our equipment sponsor for the GIBA.  

There are a couple of items I want to mention related to our schedule for this season.  We decided to make a slight change to the format of our Fusion Realtors/Community 1st National Bank Open tournaments.  The Saturday qualifying squads will now be 6 games rather than the 7 game block we used in the past.  The reason for this change is that we have struggled to get the 2nd and 3rd squads started on time.  After visiting with a number of our bowlers, the vast majority felt making this change is our best option going forward.  The other change is due to a change of ownership and some remodeling being done at Cadillac Lanes in Waterloo.  Fran & Rich Eighme along with Zach Beschorner have purchased Cadillac so they now own Maple Lanes and Cadillac Lanes in Waterloo.  They are in the process of remodeling at Cadillac and have rremoved 14 lanes as part of that process.  As of this time, our plan is to have Cadillac Lanes still hosting the annual 50/50 team and 50/50 Doubles tournaments.  In addition, the schedule currently shows Cadillac Lanes as the host center for the February 2018 Fusion Realtors/Community 1st National Bank Open.  The work on the remodel at Cadillac is moving along this summer, and we are looking forward to taking a Fusion tournament back to Cadillac next season!

One other item I want to mention relates to the Iowa Open at May City Bowl.  The USBC has changed the policy on qualifying events for the U.S. Open, and I have sent an application to them asking that our Iowa Open be recognized as a qualifier so the winner can earn a spot in the U.S. Open.  As of this date, I have not been notified as to whether USBC has approved my application.  If the Iowa Open is not accepted as a qualifier, the winner will be awarded with a paid entry to the USBC Masters instead of the U.S. Open.  I did receive confirmation that our format for the Iowa Open is approved so I could apply for the qualifier tournament, but the final determination by USBC has not been made yet.

I look forward to seeing all of you at a GIBA event in the 2017-18 season, and thank you all for the tremendous support you have shown in the past!!



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