February 23, 2016

The basics for the pattern this weekend are 37', 30.13 mL volume, and 1.96 to 1 ratio.  The actual pattern will be posted just prior to the practice session Friday afternoon.

February 16, 2016

Listed below are the tentative squad assignments for the upcoming Fusion Realtors/Community 1st National Bank Open.  As you can see, we are currently full and I do have a waiting list as well.  If your name is on the list and you do not plan on bowling, please contact me right away.  Also, if you need to switch squads, let me know. 

9:00 AM Squad 1:45 PM Squad 6:30 PM Squad
Tom Adcock A Josh Anderson B Rod Albright C
Rob Aimers A Michael Applegate B Gabe Bartlett C
Andrew Aries A Harley Aumann B Richard Bates C
Shane Arment A Dave Axon B Austin Boulds C
Tommy Barnwell A Jeff Baker B Bryan Bowers C
Tim Behrendt A Bryan Bannach B Cody Brandau C
Mark Bennett Jr A Jason Becher B Jeremy Bremness C
Dave Beres A Jacob Bedard B Tim Coulson C
Shea Bittenbender A Zach Beschorner B Russ Cruse Jr C
Quinton Bohlen A Brandon Biondo B Bryan Dragotta C
Mike Boogren A Jacob Boresch B Kenny Duffield C
Phill Breitbach A Lennie Boresch B Zach Fries C
John Brockland A Dennis Bradley B Casey Goettel C
Shannon Buchan A AJ Chapman B Jason Hanson C
Andy Buelow A Jamie Clark B Brandon Hanson C
Kenny Calkins III A Stephen Cowland B Richard Harwood C
Brad Christie A Tyler Cruz B Jerad Helmers C
Jason Ciszewski A Jordan Ely B Randy Jorgensen C
Dillard Clark A Luke Fisher B Dan Kasper C
Brett Cooper A Rocky Gonzalez B Eric Kerby C
Brett Cunningham A Tyler Haedrich B Jacob Klein C
Shawn Curtis A Packy Hanrahan B Kyle Krol C
Chad Davis A Daron Hansen B Nick Kruml C
Brian Davis A Nick Heilman B Brett Lobdell C
Dave Dentlinger A Enzo Hernandez B Katie Maher C
Dave Doane A Ryan Howard B Jeff McCann C
Ryan Driskill A Mitch Hupe B Jon Mesecher C
Joe Engelkes A Frankie Jacobson B Jason Mesecher C
Eddie Flanigan A Dan Johnson B Mike Micou C
Troy Fuller A Jacques Kaune B Libby Mulder C
Darin Galbraith A Steven Keeler B Chad Nelson C
Dave Gerst A Kurt Krull B Matt Paine C
Bo Goergen A Wesley Low B Ben Pallardy C
Daniel Healy A Conan Mackey B Ed Peterson C
Tom Hess A Curt Maatlock B Justin Petrey C
Mickey Kacena A Erin McCarthey B Josh Peverill C
Rick Kidd A Andy Mills B Kevin Peverill C
Duane Kilts A Mike Murtha B Jenn Pirie C
David Kilts A Matt Mysliwiec B Jason Poli C
Marc Lineberry A Nick Pate B Jason Price C
Kevin Link A Lucas Perdieu B Jeff Rausch C
Chad Maas A Mike Peters B Jayson Robarge C
Jeff McFarland A Thomas Peters B Bruce Rollins Jr C
Matt McNiel A Mark Prosen B Eric Schact C
Brad Miller A Sean Rangel B Tim Schmidt C
Greg Olson A Ryan Renfrew B Mike Sedlacek C
Jason Peterson A Zach Rhoades B Andy Shutt C
Chris Pierson A Colton Ruscetti B Toby Smedley C
Jeff Richgels A Derek Sapp B Darren Stanley C
Jason Rook A Jonathan Schalow B Lance Steinmetz C
Blake Schmitt A Jeff Schewe B Matt Tomsu C
Russ Smith A Ryan Schlueter B Blake Uthoff C
Mark Stenger A Travis Scott B Scott Vickery C
Andy Stone A Brandon Steen B Scott Weber C
Cody Taylor A Jack Stewart B Brenden Williams C
Steve Taylor A Emmett Tragord B Ryan Wilson C
Roger Taylor Jr. A Jeff Ussery B Scott Wohlwend C
Ben Trueg A Rob Warren B Mike Yaw C
Mackenzie Van Zant A Jason Wojnar B Tyler Young C
Erik Vermilyia A Leela Yahya B Rich Zarnstorff C


February 8, 2016

Good Morning,

We are once again closing in on a full field for the upcoming Fusion Realtors/Community 1st National Bank Open being held at Maple Lanes in Waterloo, IA February 27 & 28.  As of this morning, I have 10 open spots with those openings being on either A squad or C squad since I do have a few bowlers who are flexible on which squad they can bowl. 

For those who have reserved spots on the list, please let me know right away if you need to cancel your reservation.  Also, please send in your entry fees if you have not already done so to guarantee your spot. 

Thanks again to everyone for supporting this event!!  We have lots of great sponsors I need to mention including Fusion Realtors, Community 1st National Bank, Members Mortgage Services, Budweiser/Bud Light, Logo Infusion, Maple Lanes, King Pin Bar & Grill, Fran's Pro Shop, Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau, and of course Ebonite as our bowling equipment sponsor for the 2015-16 GIBA season. 

January 21, 2016

Good Morning,

We are approaching 5 weeks left until the Fusion Realtors/Community 1st National Bank Open at Maple Lanes in Waterloo.  We have passed the 100 mark in entry reservations with the B squad filling very fast.  Please let me know if you plan on bowling and which squad you prefer to bowl.  I will do my best to work with squad preferences.  Remember, the only way to guarantee your spot in the tournament is to prepay the entry fee.  I will hold all checks until the week just prior to the tournament, and I also offer a PayPal payment option as well.

Also, I am taking reservations for the GIBA Doubles tournament and the Triple Elimination tournament as well.  These tournaments will be held the weekend of March 19 & 20 at the Rose Bowl in Muscatine, Iowa.  The flyers for these two events are posted on the schedule page of the GIBA website at www.giba-bowling.com.  Each of these tournaments will have at least $500.00 in added prize money thanks to the great support from Rob Roseman at Members Mortgage Services. 


I appreciate the great support and response we have had for our tournaments this season, and I look forward to seeing everyone next month!!

January 11, 2016

Congratulations once again to Kevin Link who followed up his victory in the 50/50 Doubles by winning the Fort Dodge Ford/Calisesi Chiropractic Open at Ridgewood Lanes in Fort Dodge Saturday.  Link led the qualifying with a score of 1908 for the 8 games, and defeated runner-up Spencer Werthmann in a very exciting final match. Link was able to get lined up quicker than Werthmann and parlayed an early 4 bagger into a 229 to 224 victory.  Werthmann started slowly, but stayed clean, then made a ball change and struck the 7th, 8th, 9th, and the first ball in the 10th.  A second strike in the 10th would have forced Link to get the 1st strike in the 10th and good count to win, but Werthmann's shot went high and left the 3-6-10 which he converted.  Link had left the 7 pin on his previous two shots on lane 14, and he left it once again in the 10th.  He had to convert the spare for the victory, which he did to take home the $1000.00 first prize.  Others top finishers were Mike Yaw in 3rd, Kenny Calkins III 4th, Ben Trueg 5th, AJ Chapman 6th, David Kilts 7th, Troy Fuller 8th, Bryan Bowers 9th, Tom Hess 10th, Adam Pogge 11th, and Joe Roseman rounded out the top 12 modified stepladder finals in 12th place. We had a total of 93 entries in spite of some nasty driving conditions Saturday morning.

We should have the results posted on the website very soon, and I also updated the point list.  Thanks to all the bowlers for supporting this great event again!!

I also wanted to remind everyone to get your entries in for the upcoming Fusion Realtors/Community 1st National Bank Open.  I currently have received just over 60 reservations with a maximum field being 180 bowlers.  Let me know if you want to reserve a spot and send me your entry fee to guarantee that spot.  I will once again accept PayPal for entry fees if you would like to use that option.


December 22, 2015

I wanted to send out a reminder regarding upcoming tournaments, both GIBA events and others as well.  The next GIBA tournament is the Fort Dodge Ford/Calisesi Chiropractic Open in Ft. Dodge on January 9th.  We currently have 4 spots left open on the 9:30 AM squad with a full squad at 2:30 PM.  If you want to reserve a spot on the morning squad, let me know right away since we are almost full.  I will also start a waiting list for the 2:30 PM squad if you would like to be added to that list.

I am also now accepting entries for the Fusion Realtors/Community 1st National Bank Open on February 27&28.  We will take the first 180 paid entries for that tournament.  You can find details about this event on the schedule page or by clicking here.  This will be the final point tournament for the GIBA season, and thanks to the awesome support we receive from Ebonite, there should be more than 15 prizes we will award for the top bowlers on the point list.  In addition, there will once again be a bonus prize fund for this final point event.  There will be a $20.00 entry fee for the bonus fund, and we will have at least $2000.00 in added prize money with a payout ratio of 1:2.  The bonus fund is only open to GIBA members who have bowled at least 4 of our tournaments (we will count this tournament as one of the four).  Members who have bowled 3 tournaments can also enter the bonus prize fund by paying a $75.00 entry fee.  The added money in the bonus pool is from membership fees and bracket proceeds throughout the season.

I also would like to point out some other good tournaments coming up over the next few weeks.  This coming Sunday, December 27th is the Dave McNabb Memorial Highway to Hell tournament at May City Bowl in Cedar Rapids.  The tournament starts at 9:15 AM, and last year they had 126 entries.  They bowl on the Kegel Highway to Hell pattern, and only the first 150 paid entries will get in.  New Years Day will feature a tournament at the Rose Bowl in Muscatine as they carry on the tradition started by Larry Richardson many years ago with this tournament.  They normally get a solid turnout for the tournament and you can view the flyer on our GIBA website at www.giba-bowling.com.  January 10th brings the Dubuque Area Sweeper at Cherry Lanes in Dubuque.  This tournament has also been very successful the past number of years.  Every one of the tournaments listed in this email feature significant added prize money and a history of great participation.  Your support for these events will help ensure continued commitment from sponsors in the future!!

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!!


December 1, 2015

We are taking reservations for the Fort Dodge Ford/Calisesi Chiropractic Open to be held in Fort Dodge at Ridgewood Lanes on January 9th.  There are two squads for qualifying, 9:30 AM, and 2:30 PM.  I do have spots available on both squads as of now, but this tournament has filled the past few years so get your reservations to me as soon as possible.  The tournament features more than $1500.00 in added prize money and a guaranteed 1st prize of $1000.00 for an entry fee of only $57.00.  The flyer for this tournament can be viewed by clicking on the schedule tab at the top of the page and then clicking on the more info button for the Fort Dodge event on the schedule.

Thanks to everyone for your support of our tournaments, and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!!!

December 1, 2015

Birthday news!!

Ed Albers will celebrate his 90th birthday on January 2, 2016.  Ed is a long time member of the GIBA with several titles to his credit.  There will be a celebration held at Mystic Lanes in Mason City on January 2nd starting at 1:00 PM for those who would like to stop in to wish Ed a happy birthday.  If you can't make the celebration, but would like to drop Ed a card, the address is 1020 11th Street NE, Mason City, IA 50401.

November 16, 2015

Congratulations to Tom Hess on his victory yesterday at the Iowa Open held at May City Bowl in Cedar Rapids.  Hess dominated the field in the 10 bowler round robin finals with a match play record of 9 wins with only 1 loss.  His final margin of victory over Shannon Buchan who finished in 2nd place was 195 pins.  We used the old style U.S. Open flat pattern, and it definitely proved to be a test for the field of 69 bowlers who competed.  There were only 10 bowlers who averaged 200 for the 8 games of qualifying and those were the 10 who made the round robin finals.  We paid 20 places and every bowler who averaged 190 got a check as it took a score of 1525 (-75) to get the last cash spot. Rounding out the top ten were high qualifier Derek Sapp 3rd, Quinton Bohlen 4th, Kenny Calkins III 5th, Marcus Mitts 6th, Troy Fuller 7th, Duane Kilts 8th, Jason Mesecher 9th, and Jon Mesecher 10th. The final results are here.

A huge thank you to our sponsors, Ebonite and May City Bowl, along with the GIBA.  We were able to pay out a prize fund of $4355.00 along with the paid entry to the 2016 U.S. Open that Tom Hess will receive as the winner of the Iowa Open. Hess also won $230.00 from the bet you win pot.

I would like to thank the bowlers who participated.  The only major disappointment was having 6 no shows when the tournament had a full field of reservations with a fairly long waiting list in the days leading up to the event.  I would only ask bowlers who reserve spots to please contact me in advance if you are unable to bowl. 


I am now taking reservations for the Fort Dodge Ford/Calisesi Chiropractic Open in Fort Dodge.  This tournament features more than $1500.00 in added prize money with two shifts of qualifying at 9:30 AM and 2:30 PM.  The tournament date is January 9, 2016 and the flyer is posted here.  Please contact me to make reservations for this tournament.  The tournament has featured a full field of 96 bowlers the past few years.


November 2, 2015

Congrats to Kurt Krull on his victory Saturday night in the Big Gun 12 gamer held at Totem Bowl in Marshalltown.  Kurt averaged 245.4 for the 12 game sweeper to top a field of 55 bowlers who competed in the high scoring shootout.  Other top finishers were Quinton Bohlen 2nd, Duane Kilts 3rd, Roger Taylor Sr. 4th, Don Breeden 5th, Mike Yaw 6th, Kevin Link 7th, Mark Van Wyk 8th, Tom Hess 9th, and Jason Poli in 10th.  We paid 16 spots for this tournament with $1000.00 for 1st and last cash getting $125.00.


Our next tournament will be the Iowa Open coming up on November 15th at May City Bowl in Cedar Rapids.  I currently have 58 bowlers signed up for this tournament and we can take 75 with 5 bowlers per pair.  Let me know right away if you would like to reserve a spot.  We do plan on using the old U.S. Open flat pattern although it appears the pattern they are using at the U.S. Open being held this week in Texas is a new pattern and not a 1:1 ratio.  The entry fee for the Iowa Open will be $75.00 and you can view the flyer here.  Just click on the schedule link at the top of the home page, then click on the more info button showing under the Iowa Open on the schedule.


A quick update regarding the 50/50 Doubles tournament coming up in December.  The field is currently full with about 6 teams on the waiting list as of the last time I talked to John Brinker. 


Thanks to all the bowlers for supporting our tournaments!!!


October 7, 2015

Congrats to A.J. Chapman on his first GIBA tournament title last Sunday.  Chapman used a urethane bowling ball to conquer the 38' Taj Mahal pattern we used for this tournament.  The pattern played more difficult than anticipated as it only took a score of 1532 for the 8 games of qualifying to get a check, and a score of 1635 to make the top 5 stepladder finals.  We had a field of 79 bowlers and paid a total of 24 places.  Chapman won the title match over 2nd high qualifier Kenny Calkins III with Shannon Buchan placing 3rd, Andy Mills 4th, and Jason Poli 5th. 


A huge thanks to Mike Yaw and the staff of Bowlerama for lining up $1150.00 in added prize money for this tournament.  Chapman won $570.00 for 1st plus $290.00 for the bet you win plus $200.00 for the tier 2 side event plus $140.00 for the tier 2 bet you win as the high qualifier.


Our next tournament is the annual Big Gun tournament at Totem Bowl in Marshalltown.  That event will be held on Saturday October 31st with a 4:00 PM starting time.  The entry fee is $125.00 and we have a flyer and estimated prize list posted on the GIBA website schedule page at www.giba-bowling.com.  The following tournament will be the Iowa Open at May City Bowl in Cedar Rapids on November 15th with a 9:00 AM starting time.  The flyer for this tournament is also posted now on the website schedule page.  I have also updated the point list for this season on the website after our three tournaments thus far.


I owe all of our members a huge thank you for the tremendous support we have received for our tournaments this season.  To date we have had 290 different bowlers who participated in at least one of our tournaments and full fields for the first two events.  The tournament at Bowlerama had a full field of reservations, but we did have a few no shows for that one. We have been blessed with many great sponsor as well including our title sponsor Ebonite for this season!!


Let's keep the momentum going for our next tournaments.  Contact me if you would like to reserve spots for the Big Gun or the Iowa Open, or you can also reserve your spot by clicking on the link for each tournament on the GIBA website schedule page.

September 29, 2015

Bowlerama tournament info!


We currently have 70 entries with a maximum field of 84. The plan is to use the Taj Mahal pattern which is 38' with a ratio of 3 to 1. The pattern will be modified to add some oil to the front part of the lane to help accommodate our 8 game qualifying block with the entry numbers we anticipate.  A special thanks to Mike Yaw, as well as the staff at Bowlerama for their work in raising at least $1000.00 in added prize money for this tournament.  Be sure to let me know if you want a spot if you are planning to bowl.


I also want to mention that the 11thFrame.com blog that Jeff Richgels has is now a subscription only service. Jeff has been and will continue to be a strong supporter of our GIBA events and if he generates sufficient income from the subscriptions, he has indicated that he will add prize money to some of our tournaments in the future. The subscription price is just $1.99 per month or $20.00 per year so please consider going online to get your subscription. Jeff provides great coverage for bowling events across the country and the subscription fees will allow him to expand the coverage even more.


One more reminder, the GIBA15 code you can use to get a discount on orders from Logo Infusion is only good through September 30th. They make some great looking jerseys, and they were a sponsor for our Fusion Realtors/Community 1st National Bank Open earlier this month. Our support using this code will help them make a decision on further sponsorship opportunities.


Thanks to all for your support of the GIBA as we continue our attempts to grow.


September 13, 2015

What a great weekend we enjoyed with 180 bowlers competing in the Fusion Realtors/Community 1st National Bank Open.  Congratulations to Steven Keeler who is the 8th champion of a Fusion event.  Keeler defeated Devin Bidwell 220 to 219 in a back and forth title match.  The tournament featured a 41 pattern with a 1.98 to 1 ratio and 29.7 mL of volume so the scoring pace was rather low.  It took a score of -9 for the 7 games in the first round to make the cut to the casher's round on Sunday morning.  The top 60 bowlers made that cut, and we paid out a total prize fund of $30,000.00 which included 2 extra prizes to femaile bowlers out of the major prize fund, and 3 additional prizes to senior bowlers outside the major prize fund.  A huge thank you to our sponsors, Fusion Realtors, Community 1st National Bank, Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau, Members Mortgage Services, Logo Infusion, Maple Lanes, King Pin Bar & Grill, Budweiser/Bud Light, and of course, our new season title sponsor, Ebonite!!


Here are PDF files of the 1st round qualifying, the 2nd round casher's final standings, and the modified stepladder finals results.


Thanks to all the bowlers, sponsors, Maple Lanes, and to Mike Flanagan & Matt Turek with Insidebowling.com for the live stream coverage of our entire event.




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