January 26, 2015

Congratulations to Matt Smith on his victory in the latest Fusion Realtors Open tournament held this past weekend at Maple Lanes in Waterloo. Matt needed a mark and decent count in the tenth frame to top Marshall Kent for the title. The final scores were 223 to 218 as the last match lived up to the exciting matches throughout the modified stepladder finals. Matt topped Brad Miller in the semi-final match after they tied with 175 games. Brad finished the 9th and 10th frame rolloff first and totaled 38 pins so Matt who was on a strike needed a spare and a 9 count to move on. He got the spare and left a 10 pin on the count shot to win the rolloff 39 to 38. Other finishers in the top10 stepladder were Nick Cruml 4th, Gordy Kilpatrick 5th, Greg Thomas 6th, Tom Hess and Chad Nelson tied 7th, with Mike Peters and Brett Lobdell tied for 9th. The complete results as well as the modified stepladder finals are posted now on the GIBA website at www.giba-bowling.com.

You can also view the archived live stream coverage of the entire event at www.insidebowling.com once it has been posted to that site. A huge thanks to Matt Turek & Ricky Matsko from Insidebowling.com for their great work on the live stream coverage. Also, thanks to Mike Flanagan for helping make the live stream possible!!

A quick update on our upcoming events. The GIBA Doubles coming up February 7th at Leisure Lanes in Davenport is nearly full with only 3 doubles team spots left open. If you would like to bowl, contact me right away to reserve your spot. The following day is the annual Bob Neff Memorial Triple Elimination tournament also being held this year at Leisure Lanes in Davenport. Many of the bowlers who are bowling the doubles on Saturday plan to stick around for the Triple Elimination as well so I look for a solid turnout there as well. We do have at least $500.00 added prize money for each of those events. Our final tournament of the season will be the Blake Lobdell Memorial on February 22nd at Cedar Rapids Bowling Center. This will be a double points event and for those GIBA members who have bowled at least 4 of our prior events, we will have a special prize fund with at least $2000.00 in added money for that event. We also will be giving out a dozen prizes to our top point earners for the GIBA season following that event thanks to the great support we get from Storm, The Bowlers Company.

Thanks to everyone who supports and bowls our GIBA events. Our entries continue to grow and we could not do that without the bowlers!!!


January 24, 2015

It took a score of -40 (1360) for the 7 game qualifying to make the cut to the casher's second round on Sunday morning at 9:30 AM. 

January 21, 2015

Please note we have made the decision to allow re-entries.  I will send details regarding that decision to our contact list this morning (01/22/2015).  The squad list below was updated as of this morning as well.  Also, the practice session will be Friday evening from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

We have had significant movement over the past few days, adding bowlers while others have cancelled for the Fusion Realtors Open coming up this weekend.  I am posting the squad assignments as I have them currently.  We will have 3 squads most likely with 3 on a pair so let me know if you need to move squads.  If you want to bowl and your name is not on the squad list, let me know right away and I will add you.  It is unfortunate that we had to change the dates this season due to the Iowa State Tournament coming to Waterloo starting the first weekend in February.  This caused a significant number of conflicts for bowlers.  Thanks to everyone who is supporting this tournament!!

The pattern basics for the tournament are 38', 1.93:1 Ratio, & 29.643 mL

Aimers Rob A Bannach Bryan B Bartlett Gabe C
Aries Andy A Bates Richard B Bock Dan C
Behrendt Tim A Becher Jason B Bowers Bryan C
Bennett Jr. Mark A Bedard Jacob B Boyer CJ C
Bittenbender Shea A Beschorner Zach B Brewer Leon C
Bohlen Quinton A Boresch Jacob B Bruce Quincy C
Bolyard Sabrina A Boresch Lennie B Bush Roxie C
Breeden Don A Brewer Chaz B Ciaffa Robert C
Brockland John A Clark Jamie B Cooper Bret C
Buchan Shannon A Colosimo Chris B Cruse Jr. Russ C
Buelow Andy A Fowler Mat B Dolan Mike C
Calkins III Kenny A Greiner Scott B Ely Jordan C
Christianson Jeff A Heilman Nick B Foss Steven C
Christie Brad A Hochmann Spencer B Fredericks Connor C
Christie Kevin A Huntley Jesse B George Eric C
DeFranco Vince A Inman Steve B Hall George C
Dentlinger Dave A Keeler Steven B Hamer Shelly C
Engelkes Joe A Kent Marshall B Hansen Brandon C
Engelkes Greg A Krueger Matt B Helmers Jerad C
Fuller Troy A Kucera Dave B Koch Ron C
Galbraith Darin A Majcher Tony B Krull Kurt C
Hageman Mike Mills Andy B Kruml Nick C
Hess Tom A Mitchell Robert B Lineberry Marc C
Hunt Brad A Oliva Tony B Lobdell Brett C
Jirsa Megan A Peters Mike B McMahon Cord C
Johnson Nathan A Price Jason B Mesecher Jon C
Kilts Duane A Rains Scott B Mesecher Jason C
Mihalovich Zach A Sapp Derek B Morrison Todd C
Miller Brad A Schalow Jonathan B Nelson Chad C
Murphy Casey A Schalow Rachael B Pals Craig C
Nelson Nicole A Schlueter Ryan B Perry Dan C
Peverill Josh A Sikora Jerry B Peterson Edward C
Peverill Kevin A Steen Brandon B Poli Jason C
Ramsden Cody A Thomas Greg B Rude Darik C
Richgels Jeff A Wachtel Mike B Schissler Ricky C
Ritchie Brent A Wojnar Jason B Schmidt Tim C
Rook Jason A       Schmitt Blake C
Rude Jeff A       Schmitz Brandon C
Rude Brandon       Schuette Chuck C
Smith Bruce A       Shutt Andy C
Sobolik Melissa A       Smith Matt C
Trueg Ben A       Steinmetz Lance C
Willems Andrew A       Weber Scott C
Williams Keven A       Wilson Ryan C
            Wohlwend Scott C
No squad assigned yet            
Fuemmeler Brett              
Ramsden Aaron              

January 12, 2015

Congrats go out to Joe Roseman on his victory in the Fort Dodge Ford/Calisesi Chiropractic Open held this past Saturday in Fort Dodge.  Joe led the qualifying and won the title match of the modified 12 bowler stepladder finals over Cody Brandau 219-190.  The finals featured several back and forth matches that kept the audience involved.  Following Roseman and Brandau were Ryan Wilson 3rd, Mike Peters 4th, Matt Johnson 5th, Dave Axon 6th, Matt Schlueter 7th, Ryan Schlueter 8th, Randy Jorgensen 9th, Kevin Link 10th, Brett Lobdell 11th, and Scott Greiner 12th.  Complete results will be posted on our Facebook page and the GIBA website at www.giba-bowling.com soon.  We need to give a special thank you to the tournament sponsors, Casey and Matt Johnson from Fort Dodge Ford/Lincoln/Toyota & Dr. John Calisesi from Calisesi Chiropractic along with our season long sponsorship from Storm Bowling Products.  We were able to provide a total of $1743.00 in added prize money due to their contributions.


We are only two weeks away from our next major event, the Fusion Realtors Open being held at Maple Lanes in Waterloo, Iowa on January 23-25.  Entries are picking up for this tournament, but I need everyone to help spread the word since we are facing some hurdles in filling this tournament.  There is a major college event that weekend which will cost us 30 to 40 of our normal bowlers and a couple of Wisconsin tournaments that same weekend as well.  I apologize for having to move the Fusion dates this season due to Waterloo hosting the Iowa State Tournament starting in February.  I still anticipate a solid turnout for the Fusion as we are currently at just over 100 entries so far.  Please contact me if you wish to bowl, and bring others with you!!  At this time, we still plan on using 3 squads for the tournament.  We also plan on having Insidebowling.com provide the live streaming video coverage of this tournament.  We do have at least $6000.00 in added prize money lined up for this tournament.


For more details on the Fusion tournament as well as our other upcoming events, go to our website at www.giba-bowling.com to view the flyers on the schedule page.  Please contact me if you have any questions as well.

January 9, 2015

A quick update on entries for our upcoming events.  We have one spot left to fill on the 9:30 squad for Fort Dodge tomorrow.  The 2:30 squad is full so we are currently at 95 entries for this tournament.

The entries for our next Fusion Realtors tournament coming up at Maple Lanes in Waterloo January 23-25 are also picking up.  We are approaching 100 entries so get your entry in to me if you haven't already reserved your spot.  The second squad is pretty full while I have a number of openings on the 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM squads.

We currently have about 15 entries for the doubles event at Leisure Lanes in Davenport on February 7th.  Let me know if you would like to reserve a spot for that one as well if you haven't already done so.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support of our GIBA events!!!!!

December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Get your entries in for our two January events coming up.  The Fort Dodge Ford/Calisesi Chiropractic Open is more than half full and reatures $1500.00 in added prize money. Not many tournaments out there with a $1000.00 top prize for only a $57.00 entry fee so let me know if you want to reserve a spot.  I still have plenty of openings on both the 9:30 AM and 2:30 PM squads.  We are also approaching the half full mark for entries in the Fusion Realtors Open coming up the weekend of January 23-25.  Get your paid entry in to guarantee your spot for this major event as well.  Please note, the practice squad time has been moved to 6:30 to 8:30 PM on Friday the 23rd.

I will work on updating the current GIBA point list over the upcoming weekend so that should get posted sometime next week.

Thanks to all for your support of our GIBA events and I hope each and every one of you enjoy a safe & Happy New Year!!

November 24, 2014

Congratulations to Shannon Buchan on his victory in the Iowa Open on November 16th.  Shannon was tied with Jason Poli for the lead through the first 8 games of our ten bowler round robin finals before winning his final two matches to pull away for the title.  We had a great field of 70 bowlers who tested their games on the flat U.S. Open pattern including many young bowlers.  Two of the younger players, Cody Brandau and Zach Fries made the finals cut and finished 3rd and 4th respectively.  The complete results can be viewed here.


We are coming up on a very busy period for scratch bowlers here in the Midwest.  This coming Sunday is the Revolutions Pro Shop Holiday Scratch tournament at CRBC in Cedar Rapids.  There is a link to the flyer for that tournament along the right side of the this page.  January brings two very big GIBA tournaments with the annual Fort Dodge Ford/Calisesi Chiropractic Open on January 10th at Ridgewood Lanes in Fort Dodge, and our second Fusion Realtors Open of the season the weekend of January 24 & 25 at Maple Lanes in Waterloo.  I am taking reservations for both of those tournaments so let me know if you plan on bowling.  There are two squads for Ft. Dodge, 9:30 AM and 2:30 PM.  The Fusion tournaments require prepaid entry fees to guarantee your spot so get your checks to me in the mail soon.  I will not deposit the entry fee checks until the Monday prior to the tournament.  The flyers for both the Ft. Dodge and Fusion tournament are available on the schedule page.


Thanks to everyone for your tremendous support of the GIBA events, and I look forward to a busy and successful next three months of our season!!



October 27, 2014

Congratulations to Roger Taylor Sr. on his victory in the Big Gun 12 game sweeper at Totem Bowl in Marshalltown last weekend.  Roger put on a late charge with an 801 series his final three games to win the title by 7 pins over Derek Sapp who finished second.  Derek rolled a 298 the final game to move from 4th place to 2nd and put some pressure on Roger.  Roger responded with a 277 of his own to take home the title.  Jake Stansbury rolled a final game of 279 to move into the 3rd place position.  Jake was followed by Greg Thomas in 4th, Duane Kilts 5th, Joe Roseman 6th, Dave Schilke 7th, Andy Shutt 8th, Jeff Lovewell 9th, and Scott Rains rounded out the top ten.  Complete results can be seen here.


Our next event is the Iowa Open at May City Bowl in Cedar Rapids on November 16th.  I am taking reservations for that event so let me know if you plan on bowling.  Remember, the start time for that tournament will be 9:00 AMdue to the longer format.  The flyer for this event will be posted on the website very soon as well.  We will use the flat U.S. Open pattern for this tournament.


There are several other tournaments coming up for scratch bowlers.  November 8th actually has a couple of opportunities with a scratch tournament in Manchester as well as a major event in Sioux Falls, SD.  In addition, Cedar Rapids Bowling Center will host the annual Revolutions Pro Shop tournament on November 30th.  There will be plenty of added prize money for the Revolutions event, and the pattern they will use should be decided on soon.  You can view flyers for all three of these events below.


As of last night, there were only 6 spots left available for the 50/50 Doubles tournament coming up December 7th at Cadillac Lanes.  The only way to guarantee a spot for that tournament is with a paid entry to John Brinker.  You can view the flyer with details and John’s contact info on the schedule page of our website by clicking on the more info link for that tournament.


Thanks to everyone for all the support you provide to the GIBA and our tournaments!!

October 13, 2014

I was just informed by Joe Roseman that the 1st annual Rose Bowl tournament at Leisure Lanes scheduled for later this month has been cancelled.  The intent will be for them to host this tournament at a later date to be announced.

October 6, 2014

Congratulations to Tom Hess on winning his second consecutive GIBA event.  Tom won two tight matches in the stepladder finals to claim the victory.  The stepladder started out with Duane Kilts rolling through the first two matches, 246 to 227 over Matt Smith and 236-169 over Jeff Rausch.  Duane continued striking against Tom Hess in the 3rd match, but Tom caught a late string of strikes to come out on top 247-237 in that semi-final match.  The final match between Tom and Jason Poli was strange to say the least.  Tom took charge early with Jason struggling to find the right lane.  Tom missed a ten pin in the 8th frame to open the door a bit and Jason struck in the 8th, 9th, and first ball in the 10th.  If Jason had struck out, he could have forced Tom to double in the 10th to win, but Jason left a split on the 2nd ball in the 10th.  Tom stepped up in the 10th needing just 8 pins on the first ball and 1 pin on the second ball to win by a pin.  He left an 8-10 split and threw the 2nd shot between the two pins to tie.  The crowd watching was shocked at the way things played out.  To Tom's credit, after Jason split his first frame of the 9th and 10th frame rolloff, Tom stepped up and threw two strong strikes to lock up the title. You can see the final results here.


The pattern we used was Kegel's Mexico City, and it proved to be as tough as any we have used.  It took only a score of -59 to get a check for the 8 games of qualifying.


Thanks to all who made the trip to Des Moines, and be sure to contact me if you plan on bowling our next tournament in Marshalltown on Saturday, October 18th.  The annual Big Gun tournament at Totem Bowl starts at 4:00 on Saturday afternoon.


September 16, 2014

Congratulations to Tom Hess!  Tom won the title at the Fusion Realtors Open, beating A.J. Chapman in the title match.  We ended up with a total of 175 entries and paid out a prize fund of $29,645.00 to the top 60 placers.  Included in that total were three extra prizes of $150.00 each to senior bowlers who did not make the cut but finished in the top 1/3 of the senior entries.  We had 17 senior bowlers and paid 6 senior spots.  The complete final standings and payouts will be posted on the website soon.

Just a reminder, this coming weekend, Cadillac Lanes is hosting the first annual Adrian Erickson memorial trios scratch tournament.  The flyer for that tournament can be viewed by clicking on the link on this page.  This tournament is a great opportunity to support the memory of Adrian who hosted many of our GIBA events over the past 30 years!!



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